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"Most view" articles are updated quarterly. Below are the most frequently accessed articles from Neurointervention over the past three years.

Initial Experience with a New Self-Expanding Open-Cell Stent System with Antithrombotic Hydrophilic Polymer Coating (pEGASUS Stent) in the Treatment of Wide-Necked Intracranial Aneurysms   (1,102 times)
Frederik Boxberg, Mohammad Al-Tibi, Katharina Schulz, Heinrich Lanfermann, Martin Schlunz-Hendann, Dominik Grieb
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):74-81.   Published online April 18, 2024
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Traditional Thrombus Composition and Related Endovascular Outcomes: Catching up with the Recent Evidence   (1,099 times)
Jang-Hyun Baek
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):65-73.   Published online April 4, 2024
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Vessel Wall Imaging in Angiogram-Negative Diffuse Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Reveals a Ruptured Lenticulostriate Aneurysm   (853 times)
Huy Quang Phi, Suehyb Ghazi Alkhatib, Scott Bruce Raymond, Omar Aftab Choudhri, Jae Won Song
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):118-122.   Published online June 5, 2024
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Comparison of Safety and Diagnostic Efficacy of Iohexol 240 mgI/mL, Iopamidol 250 mgI/mL, and Iodixanol 270 mgI/mL in Cerebral Angiography: A Prospective, Multicenter Study   (783 times)
Jinwook Baek, Hae Woong Jeong, Young Jin Heo, Suyoung Yun, Myongjin Kang, Byungjun Kim, Eui Jong Kim, Soo Mee Lim, Boeun Lee
Neurointervention. 2023;19(2):82-91.   Published online June 5, 2024
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A Novel Training Method for Endovascular Clot Retrieval Using a Portable Vascular Model and Red Film   (733 times)
Tetsuya Ioku, Tomotaka Ohshima, Reo Kawaguchi, Naoki Matsuo, Shigeru Miyachi
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):102-105.   Published online April 17, 2024
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Feasibility, Safety, and Efficacy of Endovascular vs. Surgical Treatment of Unruptured Multi-Sac Intracranial Aneurysms in a Single-Center Retrospective Series   (662 times)
Lukas Goertz, Marco Timmer, David Zopfs, Kenan Kaya, Carsten Gietzen, Jonathan Kottlors, Lenhard Pennig, Marc Schlamann, Roland Goldbrunner, Gerrit Brinker, Christoph Kabbasch
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):92-101.   Published online June 17, 2024
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A Case of Severe Delayed Vasospasm after Clipping Surgery for an Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm   (551 times)
Joong-Goo Kim, Chul-Hoo Kang, Jae Jon Sheen, Yunsun Song, Jong-Kook Rhim
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):123-128.   Published online June 14, 2024
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Successful Embolization of a Direct Carotid Cavernous Fistula under Gadolinium-Based Angiography   (546 times)
Yan-Lin Li, Sandhya Rai, Peter John Cox
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):106-110.   Published online June 12, 2024
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Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis to Improve Final Thrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction Score after Thrombectomy: A Case-Series Analysis   (3,663 times)
Antonio De Mase, Paolo Candelaresi, Emanuele Spina, Flavio Giordano, Stefano Barbato, Giovanna Servillo, Elio Prestipino, Alessandra Fasolino, Gianluigi Guarnieri, Giuseppe Leone, Massimo Muto, Mario Muto, Vincenzo Andreone
Neurointervention. 2023;18(2):123-128.   Published online April 18, 2023
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Treatment of Traumatic Direct Carotid-Cavernous Fistula with a BeGraft-Covered Stent   (797 times)
Farid Qoorchi Moheb Seraj, Sajjad Najafi, Amira Al Raaisi, Mohammad Hossein Mirbolouk, Feizollah Ebrahimnia, Hashem Pahlavan Shamsi, Yousef Garivani, Samira Zabihyan, Ashkan Mowla, Humain Baharvahdat
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):111-117.   Published online May 30, 2024
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Author Correction: In Vitro Head-to-Head Comparison of Flow Reduction between Fibered and Non-Fibered Pushable Coils   (3,191 times)
Jong-Tae Yoon, Boseong Kwon, Joon Ho Choi, Sun Moon Hwang, Mihyeon Kim, Sungbin Hwang, Yunsun Song, Deok Hee Lee
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):135-135.   Published online March 14, 2024
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Endovascular Management of a Ruptured Aneurysm on a Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery with Extradural C2-Origin: Case Report and Literature Review   (835 times)
Rasmus Holmboe Dahl, Gary Lloyd Horn Jr, Zeyad Metwalli, Shankar Prakash Gopinath, Goetz Benndorf
Neurointervention. 2024;19(2):129-134.   Published online May 8, 2024
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A Review of Endovascular Treatment for Posterior Circulation Strokes   (5,226 times)
Sung Hyun Baik, Jun Yup Kim, Cheolkyu Jung
Neurointervention. 2023;18(2):90-106.   Published online June 27, 2023
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Carotid Artery Stenting for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis: What We Need to Know for Treatment Decision   (6,377 times)
Jang-Hyun Baek
Neurointervention. 2023;18(1):9-22.   Published online February 22, 2023
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Fully Reversible Contrast-Induced Encephalopathy Mimicking Stroke after Flow Diverter Treatment of Carotid Cave Aneurysm   (3,560 times)
Elie Diamandis, Vanessa M. Swiatek, Daniel Behme
Neurointervention. 2023;18(1):58-62.   Published online November 24, 2022
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Imaging in Acute Anterior Circulation Ischemic Stroke: Current and Future   (6,348 times)
Hyun Jeong Kim, Hong Gee Roh
Neurointervention. 2022;17(1):2-17.   Published online February 4, 2022
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Fatal Femoral Pseudoaneurysm Rupture after Endovascular Intervention: A Case Report and Literature Review   (2,227 times)
Taedong Ok, Kwon-Duk Seo, Il Hyung Lee
Neurointervention. 2024;19(1):52-56.   Published online February 5, 2024
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Comparison of Visual Outcomes of Ophthalmic Artery Aneurysms Treated with Microsurgical Clipping and Endovascular Coiling   (4,805 times)
Guangdong Lu, Jaewoo Chung, Jung Cheol Park, Jae Sung Ahn, Byung Duk Kwun, Deok Hee Lee
Neurointervention. 2022;17(1):18-27.   Published online January 20, 2022
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